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CPVC Resin and Compound -hot sale in America market

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    Вид оплаты: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: FOB
    Количество минимального заказа: 1 Metric Ton
    Срок поставки: 7 дней

Базовая информация

Модель: J-700/Z-500

Синтетическая смола: Полиуретановая смола

Характеристика: Термопластическая смола

цвет: белый

Additional Info

Подробности Упаковки: Kraft bgg or pp bag

производительность: 40000Ton /year

марка: Gaoxin

транспорт: Ocean,Land

Место происхождения: China

Сертификаты : ISO/NSF

Код ТН ВЭД: 39042100

Порт: Qingdao

Описание продукта

high quality CPVC resin for pipe and tube

The CPVC resin is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin and is one advanced engineering material. This product is white, the CPVC resin is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin and is one advanced engineering material. This product is white or canary loose grain or powder with no smell, odorless and innocuity. After chlorination, the irregularity of molecular bond of the PVC resin and the polarity of molecular chain increase, the dissolvability and chemical stability of the resin also increase, and accordingly improve the heat resistance and resist the corrosion of acid, caustic, salt and oxidant etc. In addition, it improve the mechanical performance of numerical heat distortion temperature and chlorine content increases from 56.7% to 63-69% and Vicat softening temperature from 72-82 °C to 90-125 °C ; its highest service temperature can reach 110 °C and long-term service temperature can reach 95 °C . Accordingly, CPVC is one kind of advanced engineering plastic with vast foreground.

Storage and transportation:

high quality CPVC resin for pipe and tube

This product shall be stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse with stack height nor more than 10 bags and avoid solarization and damp. Its transportation must use clean conveyance with covering against solarization, drench and heated. It is innocuous un-dangerous cargo.

Specification and technical indexes:

Specification and technical indexes










30-mesh screening rate







volatile content

best quality






first quality





qualified quality






chlorine content







heat decomposition temperature







heat stability






Comparison of resin indexes







Vicat softening temperature



Tensile strength(MPa)



Bend strength(MPa)



Linear coefficient of thermalexpansion(K-1)



Extension at break




1.Tubing CPVC is mainly used for processing tubing and hot water delivery and corrosion medium. It can keep enough strength if the temperature is not more than 100 °C and can be used for long time under higher inteinsic pressure. The weight of CPVC is only one-sixth of that of brass and one-fifth of steel. It has very low thermal conductivity. Therefore, the pipe produced with CPVC has the characters of low weight, good heat insulation performance without heat preservation.

2.CPVC pipe can be used as hot sewage pipe, electroplating solution piping, thermochemistry agent transfer piping of enterprises and the wet chlorine transfer piping of Chlorine-Caustic plants.

3.Jet molding parts CPVC resin can be used to produce the fittings of flow pipe, filtering material, and spin-drier etc, as well as electrical appliances and electronic parts such as wire way, conductor protective layer, electric switch, fuse closure door and insulation material of cable. etc.

4.Rolling sheet It can be used to produce the chemical equipments that can resist chemicals and corrosion, such as reactor, valve, and electrolyser etc.

Compound material:

1.The CPVC compound material that is compounded by CPVC and certain inorganic or organic fibers has good shock resistance and its heat resistance is better than other resin ' s compound material. It can be produced into sheet, pipe, corrugated plate and profile shapes etc.

2.CPVC can be used for modification of polyvinyl chloride fiber: the cleaning-solarization temperature of home-made polyvinyl chloride fiber will not be more than 60 °C . Adding 30% CPVC while weaving the polyvinyl chloride fiber can greatly improve the heat resistance of the product and reduce the shrinkage from original 50% to less than 10%.

3.Foaming material The heat resistance of foaming material of CPVC is better than that of PVC. The shrinkage at high temperature is very small. It can be used as heat preservation material of heat water pipe and steam pipe and so on. The retentivity to solvent of CPVA with chlorine content more than 60% is very good. The CPVC can be put into the solvent for foaming which can produce the gas while heated, and you can get the homogeneous and mipor foaming gas. The solvent such as hydrocarbon, aether and aldehyde etc with boiling point of 50 - 160 °C can be used as vesicant.

4.Others the crossblend of CPVC and thermoplastic or heatcurable plastic can remarkably improve the physicomechanical properties of these materials such as improve the heat resistance of the product. The foreign countries have produced the CPVC with higher impact resilience and better transparency through improvement of production technique. This kind of transparent material can be used for products of automobile, CD and audiovisual products. It has good economic benefit.

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  • CPVC Resin and Compound -hot sale in America market
  • CPVC Resin and Compound -hot sale in America market
  • CPVC Resin and Compound -hot sale in America market
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